Reckon that I am only about a month over due with this but that seems to be the case with everything that I do at the moment.  Not enough hours in the day, I am sure that I am not the only one that feels like that!

Anyway, I had the sheer priveledge of attending the Army Paragliding Instructor Training in Lanzarote this year, and what a fabulous time it was too.  Having never flown in dynamic conditions before I was in for a swift learning curve as I spent the first day getting dragged all around the Island.  I was not used to handling my wing in such high wind conditions but fortunately for my ego neither were some of the other Alpine flyers, and though my learning curve was much steeper and longer than some of the others, it was none the  less stisfying to realise that I was not alone.

The days were long and hard and when we still had the energy so were the nights, the flying was superb and we managed to fly every single day throughout the two week period.  This is kept short and brief for a reason and there are so many Apple carts I do not wish to over turn.

Suffice to say many thanks to Mick for letting me attend, Karl and Alistair for not making me feel so bad at the start, Tony for his disco dancing, and Paul and Lee for their endles hints and tips on how too fly with a touch more grace.  Oh and all the bar staff at Route 66 which we never went to , not even once.

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